With our administration page, you create a central page for all essential information. The platform offers a variety of field types – from text fields and dropdowns to weblinks and photos – allowing you to customize your administration to your needs.

You have full control over who has access to what information, ensuring an efficient and secure data management experience. This centralization of information ensures that everyone always has access to the most current data, reducing the need for timelosing communication via emails and phone calls.


Our system makes it easy to import your own competency list simply by uploading an Excel file. You can compile your own list, including a hierarchical structure of main and sub-competencies.

This provides a tailored approach that perfectly fits the specific needs of your organization. The process is quick and user-friendly, making the document immediately ready for use.


With our customizable evaluation scale, you can set the number of levels and provide each score with a unique description, color, and additional information.

This approach offers the flexibility to adapt the evaluation scale to the existing practices within your organization or to design an entirely new scale specifically tailored to your competency list.


TrajectX enables you to digitize almost any type of document and easily share it with involved parties. Our application provides a range of field types for flexible document creation.

All documents are stored in one central location, ensuring efficient and clear document management.


With the ability to create custom roles and set rights for different components, you can accurately manage access to information and documents within your organization.

These roles can easily be assigned to email addresses, both from within and outside the organization. This ensures a personalized user experience while safeguarding the security and privacy of information.

Scores & Progression

Our tool provides insights into performance and progress through detailed reports and extracts. The overview of scores and progress, combined with extensive filter options, enables users to track performance and developments in a clear and fast manner.

This contributes to quick interventions where necessary and always a complete insight in scores and progression.

Efficient trajectory management: The advantage of customizable templates

Each of these components can be independently developed and templated, allowing them to be used as modular building blocks in creating a trajectory. This modular approach enables you to quickly duplicate a trajectory and, for example, only alter the competency list or reports as needed.

During the usage of a trajectory, all components can be updated, facilitating the swift implementation of improvements. Ensuring that all settings can be rapidly configured without the need for intervention from TrajectX, granting you the freedom to fully manage the application on your own. This autonomy grants users the freedom to fully manage and customize the application according to their specific needs and preferences.

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